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PCB manufacturers production capacity in July full product price period
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According to the times, information report, Taiwan PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers have announced in July the revenue data, consumer electronic products to benefit from the three quarter to pull goods effect, each PCB manufacturer's revenues are to achieve growth, Xin Xing, Huatong respectively, hit a 10 month and 8 month high.
At present, PCB manufacturers production capacity is close to full level, capacity utilization has been increased from 90% to 95% in the two quarter, Taiwan manufacturers generally expect shipping season will continue until the four quarter, the second half of the year revenue is expected to grow 50% qoq.
Rate continued to turn for the better utilization of Shengyi technology capacity of domestic manufacturers, the Dongguan plant will reach full production in the three quarter of the season comes. At the same time, the raw material of copper foil, epoxy resin, glass fiber take turns rises in price, PCB manufacturers have structural price increases.
At present the industry with low inventory levels, with the arrival of the peak season, the relevant enterprise's profit will increase. The company, Xing Sen Technology (002436) main PCB, will benefit from the industry's high prosperity; ultrasonic electronic (000823) has been successfully cut in Apple's supply chain, will provide the motherboard PCB products for iWatch; gold Anguo Ji (002636) main CCL, will benefit from the lower reaches of the demand of PCB Jisheng quantity and price.

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