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PCB factory sprint technology: make the circuit board industry leader
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 With the rapid development of information technology, the domestic circuit board industry is also rapidly expanding, while Shenzhen City Sprint Technology Co Ltd ( will undoubtedly become the biggest beneficiary of the industry. The company since its inception has been committed to professional PCB PCB proofing, urgent board, multilayer board proofing, medium and small batch production, provide considerate service for you the quality of security, after many years of concentrated business, has become the industry leader.

Sprint technology can in a short period of time to rapid development also due to its advantages of convenient transportation, industrial base of Longgang silver Taiwan its factory in Shenzhen (and) Industrial Zone, away from the source of a high speed and Hui Hui salt on the west side of the road is only 100 meters away, coupled with the neighboring National Highway staggered, shipping, air transport is very convenient factory periphery circuit board, complete facilities, fast delivery to lay a firm foundation!
Circuit board industry to provide sustained development platform
According to Prismark data show that the global PCB industry grows steadily, in 2009 the total output value of industry of PCB of $41200000000, the 2010 annual output value of up to $51000000000. Prismark predicts that in the period from 2011 to 2015, the global PCB will maintain a growth rate of 6.5%, the output value in 2015 the global PCB industry, is expected to exceed $70000000000.
Small make up to also learn in the process of investigation: nearly twenty years domestic enterprises through the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, is to make the domestic PCB industry is also showing a trend of rapid development. By the end of 2002, PCB, the output value has exceeded the area of Taiwan, to become the world's third largest production base PCB.
Since joining the WTO, China in all aspects of the rapid development of economy, the PCB industry in our country also occupies an important position in the world range, showing a way up the situation, it is an indication that the future of the PCB industry in our country has a larger space for development. As an industry pioneer, sprint technology PCB years sales are also showing a rapid growth trend, the future will also have greater development potential market.
High quality brand to create a professional circuit board manufacturer
Small make up in the interview sprint technology person in charge Mr. Meng to understand: as a leader in the domestic circuit board industry, sprint PCB proofing technology introduced solemnly launched three major commitment: commitment to product quality, all products using AOI optical scanning + flying probe test, quality guarantee 100% commitment; raw materials, circuit board the sheet and the corresponding accessories are well-known enterprises in the industry brand; rapid product delivery commitment, template urgent delay delivery Board sent free of charge, payment within 1 working days of free return. These commitments will put forward the fundamental interests of the maximum protection of the customer, so as to expand the brand's market influence and visibility.
A quick run technology sales person in charge there, Xiaobian also learned: the recent PCB proofing still will roll out two months of price concessions, from August 8, 2014 to October 8, 2014, within a single sided 10CM will be 38 yuan, engineering cost of straight down 50 yuan, guarantee the lowest price 38 yuan /10PCS, single and double 3 day delivery, four laminates 98/10PCS can be 5 days for delivery, the preferential step is low, security than I did. "This offer sprint technology introduced is really sweet to you heart, so calculate down to save a lot of cost is a lot," a sprint customers said.
Advanced science and technology become the magic weapon
Small make up in the market during the process of investigation to understand: sprint technology has been to high-quality and stable product quality, as a pioneer of market sales. Company introduction of foreign advanced production technology, with all the circuit board production capacity, can make the PCS circuit board to achieve the most accurate, the core technology also has a number of independent research and development, the core technology of the application of more power increase the qualified rate of products, greatly reduce the production cost, the variety of products, improve the overall the company's core competitive strength.
"The company has professional and technical experience more than the rich production staff of more than 200, with automation at home and abroad advanced production line and testing equipment." Sprint technology company project manager said: "the company also owns 2 fully automatic wire, exposure machine 3, flying probe testing machine 150, AOI optical machine 2 sets of samples and small batch circuit board every shipping capacity amounts to 2000. Is committed to become China's largest producer of the highest cost-effective PCB samples."
Achievements of the market a wide range of potential future development
Sprint technology by the high quality product quality, rapidly expanding their market in the industry, after many years of accumulation of its current customer groups are widely distributed, high quality of many customers, in cooperation with many famous enterprises at home and abroad. As the speed run landing in China market, I believe the future will certainly be able to give investors a satisfactory answer.
"Has been working for more than a year, the science and technology to the sprint products have been very satisfied, workmanship is very fine, genuine." A client from Shanghai said: "their products not only low prices, but also guarantee the quality, is a trusted domestic circuit board manufacturers."
This quality, such a low price, such a commitment, why not come to witness!

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