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The second half of the HDI process needs strong tripod and Huatong expansion like timely rain
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Start preparation and launch is also listed in the 3C electronic products in the third quarter of 2014, further tipping for HDI process of printed circuit board high demand of higher order, including such as Xin Xing Electronics (3037-TW), tripod Technology (3044-TW) and (2313-TW) performance Huatong will receive injections, each plant performance in 2014 will show quarter by quarter upward rising trend, also make the market to increase productivity and provide HDI Huatong tripod Technology, attention, also make shares showing resilience.

Tripod Technology in the second quarter of 2014 with success comes out, the 2014 second quarter revenue exceeded 10000000000 Yuan and reached 10338000000 yuan, 3 years a single quarter revenue record, and compared with the first quarter of 9829000000 yuan of growth 5.17%; in Lei Jun's Beijing: millet 4 ho than machines at the same time, the foreign legal person Ji Jianding in 2014 third quarter revenue estimates will be further growth to 105-110 billion yuan. The tripod Technology in the first half of 2014 earnings per share reached 2.09 yuan.
Tripod Technology China Xiantao Hubei factory in the second season of the capacity utilization rate has reached 90%, is mainly used to produce PCB plate comprises a photoelectric board, memory module board, hard board and other non HDI process, and a further extension of 400000 Chiyue capacity investment will be completed in the third quarter. New capacity tripod Technology China Xiantao in Hubei Province factory opened in Wuxi, mainly the production of non HDI plate factory orders transferred to the production here, HDI board production and let the tripod Technology Wuxi factory is to supply high added value.
In 2014 July revenues and Huatong has significantly higher than 2781000000 yuan, and the estimated Huatong in August and performance in September will be in full for the launch of the apple iPhone 6 under preparation, its performance will be highly pushed up effect, the third quarter revenue than the second quarter of 7678000000 yuan is expected to grow 15-20%.
Huatong 2014 July revenue to 2781000000 yuan in 2014 a single month record revenues of rewriting, and compared to the same month in 2013 2663000000 yuan of growth 4.42%, 2014 1-7 month accumulative Huatong revenue amounted to 17650000000 yuan, or 16231000000 yuan grow 8.74% compared to the same period in 2013.
The first half of the year money newspaper shows Huatong 2014, revenue 14869000000 yuan, gross margin of 13.25%, earning $618000000, better than the same period last year's performance, the after tax earnings per share 0.52 yuan.
Huatong in PCB factory in Taiwan, the HDI process capacity after Unimicron, the third season of Chongqing Fuling Huatong factory to add 15-18 million feet HDI production capacity will be opened, the overall production will be significant to inject revenue in the fourth quarter, to include apple and millet PCB orders would be greatly Huatong, helpful in production on the.
Hin Hing Electronics also HDI process and IC in the second half of the board operation optimistic; but compared with the traditional multilayer sales is relatively conservative view. While the Xinxing Electronic Performance during the first half of 2014, the second quarter revenue 15088000000 yuan, an increase of 11% over the first quarter gross margin, increased by the first quarter of 9.2% to 9.5% in the second quarter, second quarter earnings after tax 253000000 yuan, 87000000 yuan is better than the first quarter of 2014 1-6 month, accumulative total after tax earnings per share 340000000 yuan, after tax earnings for 0.22 yuan.
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