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To provide the most competitive hard alloy tool for the global green electronic science and technology career,Yichang Josn Seiko Technology Co., LT devotes to advocating the recycling of the rare metal resources.
    Since Josn was founded in 1999, it has successively acted the domestic sales and service business of the related products which are produced by a number of world class multinational companies from such as,German,the United States,Japan,Taiwan,etc. We have  excellent industry resources and human resources in our domestic PCB industry. In order to serve the PCB industry better,                                                     in May 2008, Josn  invested 50 million RMB for the setting up of the PCB drill bits,PCB router bits production line in Yichang, Hubei province and started their own research &development and production. In the beginning of the establishment, the leadership adhere to the development principle of human-centered.They share weal and woe with all the staff of Josn. In recent years, the employee turnover remains below 1%. It is much lower than the 10% employee turnover of the same industry in coastal areas.
The first-class management makes the first-class quality. In order to reduce production costs in the maximum and return all to our customers, Josn staff take advantage of the stability of the talents to make the first-class quality. The evaluation of our customers is: Josn has the first-class quality and top-class service, but they sell at a third-rate price. Josn Hubei factory had its Certification Assessment in June 2010. It has already passed the ISO quality system authentication.The related environmental protection authentication is applying. After the SGS and MSDS detection, the qualified products could go into the market.
The Josn technology, quality and production capacity increase constantly, the Marketing Department also achieves a lot at the same time. The orders of Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries or regions come one after another. 
    During nearly four years' hard wok, we've already surpassed nearly 80% domestic private enterprises of PCB drill bits, router bits production and sales. It is considered as the most potential high-quality private enterprise in the PCB industry.
    Josn has already invested the industrial park which covers an area of 30,000 square meters  in Hubei. The industrial park consists of research and development building, production building, experts building, Josn homeland (dormitory building) and some sports facilities. The total investment is up to 180 million RMB. At present, we have the efficient production equipment which has a capacity of 3 million per month and well-equipped technical research and development department. Many patents are in the process of register. Josn staff knows deeply the importance of independent development. From 2011,we've already recruited high quality professionals publicly towards college and society.
    From the beginning of our company's establishment, we've already kept the systematic and professional management mode. We have the strong environmental protection concept. And we always remind ourselves that there's only one earth. As we bear in mind that "protect the earth, from my start",we developed a set of PCB drill bits, PCB router bits materials control plan which is energy saving and environmentally friendly. Welcome you to inquire! 


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Central China Sales: Josn Industrial Park, Honghuatao Town Development Zone, Yidu City, Hubei Province, China.
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